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Instructions that may help you start your learning journey:

  1. Choose the course you want by clicking on the product icon or title

  2. Your shopping basket items will be at the bottom of the page on ‘online courses’ (however you will see your shopping basket on the bottom of every page so you can locate and monitor all courses you wish to purchase)

  3. Click on ‘view basket’ to check you have everything you need

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  6. Then simply follow the instructions on the screen and from your email. 

  7. You are ready to start your learning journey

  8. You will receive a welcome email and a log in email. Once you access the dashboard you can see your course. once you click to start you will be asked to view the material, then you will answer a set of questions. When you pass you can complete a reflection on what you have learnt, and then evaluate the course. The feedback is always read and helps develop the platform, so be honest. If you wish to purchase another course you can go straight to your dashboard and choose another course from there by clicking online. Your details will be saved and no need to revisit the webpage again as you have access to your own dashboard.

  9. Good luck and thank you for choosing Complete Training to do your online courses…