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Background on who we are….Complete Training and Assessment Ltd is a Training company offering Apprenticeships, face to face training, and bespoke learning opportunities to individuals and organisations within the Health and Social care services. As a training company we have been delivering services since 2013 and have developed this online platform for people who want to study, but need a way to learn that is accessible to fit around their lives and busy lifestyles. We do offer learning opportunities to individuals and also to organisations but also want to reach out to many who may not yet be in employment, or who just simply cannot attend traditional training events. We have a wide range of courses that offer something for everyone and priced as little as £3.99 we wanted to reduce the barriers that people have to accessing learning. We continue to develop quality training programmes at Complete Training and Assessment ltd and are available to answer any questions or queries’ as we have a team who can help you along your journey if you need anything.

Follow the link to access the company webpage to Complete Training and Assessment Ltd to find out more about who we are: Complete Training and Assessment Ltd


Our online platform offers you a wide range of courses in many subject areas, which are useful in a variety of work sectors, services and industries.

We recognise that not everyone learns the same way so there are many options to access learning including videos, eBooks, and eLearning formats.

We also have accredited qualifications and learning packages available too which are specific to meet the requirements in many career pathways  

Quality Learning at your finger tips…

  1. Choose the course you want by clicking on the product icon or title

  2. Your shopping basket items will be at the bottom of the page on ‘online courses’ (however you will see your shopping basket on the bottom of every page so you can locate and monitor all courses you wish to purchase)

  3. Click on ‘view basket’ to check you have everything you need

  4. Then click on ‘checkout’ to proceed with your purchase

  5. Purchase by using our secure checkout process,

  6. Then simply follow the instructions on the screen and from your email

  7. You are ready to start your learning journey

Open new doors, Create new opportunities & Develop your skills – there are different options you can choose…


As an individual learner:


If you are an individual wanting to expand your knowledge, or simply  develop your existing knowledge and skills, spend time exploring the courses we have available

Once on our webpage for online courses click ‘View all products’ or simply click here

We have a secure payment method linked to your shopping basket to make the purchase of your course a smooth process.

You will receive an email confirming your purchase with instructions on how to start your new learning journey.

If you need any additional information simply fill in the form on the contact page.

Alternatively you can click on the following link that takes you to the web page for Complete Training and Assessment ltd to find out more from a member of the team.


As part of an organisation:



If you are part of an organisation we can offer a number of bundles, and discounts.

  • You have the option to purchase credits for your staff teams to receive learning opportunities direct to their email at your request  

  • We offer Learning opportunities that include mandatory courses which are a  requirement in specific sectors such as care.

  • We also have a number of CPD courses that enhance and develop the skills and knowledge within a team.

  • We have exclusive courses designed as learning packages and have accredited qualifications to level 2 

Once we have discussed your unique training needs, and we have allocated the packages and courses that are required, you will be given access to a dashboard where you can manage all of the training for your staff.

However you do have the option to choose us here at Complete Training -Elite ilearning to manage this for you. Many of our customers prefer this option to ensure that the learning system is maximised and is less time consuming for the organisation.

  • You can allocate specific staff members to the courses, set the number of attempts you want your staff to have on each course, and monitor their progress throughout the length of their course. Great for staff appraisals, performance monitoring and compliance

  • You can set individual course pass marks to ensure you are instrumental in the standards and quality you need from your team.  

  • On the dashboard you can generate a number of detailed reports that provide excellent evidence towards compliance standards and overall quality assurance within your Company or organisation. 

Please enquire via the contact page to discuss your training needs and find the right package to suit your service, meeting your compliance requirements efficiently and cost effectively.

Alternatively you can click on the following link that takes you to the web page for Complete Training and Assessment ltd to find out more from a member of the team.  

We follow the GDPR and take your privacy seriously. We ask for your email address and contact name when you purchase a course so we can respond to you timely and send you details of the course purchased and how to start your learning journey. All financial transactions are via a secure system which we do not access other than receipt of your payment. 

By completing the form whilst you purchase a course you are giving consent for us to have your contact name and email address. You can opt to use your first name, however the name you give us will appear on your certificate.

We  store data securely and will ask for consent when we ask for any information with an explanation why we need it and what we do with it.

We strive to keep you in control of information and data you share with us.  


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